• Sebastian Wiesner (lunaryorn, head maintainer, GPG key 5C42FE98)
  • Clément Pit–Claudel (cpitclaudel, maintainer)

We maintain Flycheck and all official extensions within the Flycheck organisation, and set the direction and scope Flycheck. We also accept or decline pull requests and feature proposals, implement changes and fix bugs in Flycheck.

Our GPG keys are used to sign commits on Github and to sign release tags for Flycheck.

Mention with @flycheck/maintainers.


Our moderators help uphold our Flycheck Code of Conduct. Currently, we do not have a dedicated moderation team; all our Maintainers also serve as moderators in our Github organisation and in our official communication channels.

Mention with @flycheck/moderators.


If you’d like to help out with moderation, please contact a maintainer.

Language teams

These teams provide support for particular languages in Flycheck.


Mention with @flycheck/go.


Mention with @flycheck/javascript.


Mention with @flycheck/typescript.


We would also like to thank the following people and projects:

  • Bozhidar Batsov (bbatsov) for his valuable feedback and his constant support and endorsement of Flycheck from the very beginning. Notably he added Flycheck to his popular Prelude project at a very early stage and thus brought Flycheck to many new users.
  • Magnar Sveen (magnars) for his dash.el and s.el libraries, which support considerable parts of Flycheck internals, and greatly helped to overcome the Sebastian’s initial aversion to Emacs Lisp.
  • Martin Grenfell (scrooloose) for the Vim syntax checking extension Syntastic which saved Sebastian’s life back when he was using Vim, and served as inspiration for Flycheck and many of its syntax checkers.
  • Matthias Güdemann (mgudemann), for his invaluable work on Flycheck’s logo.
  • Pavel Kobyakov for his work on GNU Flymake, which is a great work on its own, despite its flaws and weaknesses.
  • Simon Carter (bbbscarter), for his patient in-depth testing of automatic syntax checking, and his very constructive feedback.
  • Steve Purcell (purcell) for his valuable feedback, the fruitful discussions and his important ideas about the shape and design of Flycheck, and his indispensible and dedicated work on MELPA, which drives the continuous distribution of Flycheck to its users.
  • Sylvain Benner (syl20bnr) for the awesomeness that is Spacemacs.


The following people—listed in alphabetical order—contributed substantial code to Flycheck:

For a complete list of all code contributors see the Contributor Graph or git shortlog --summary.