31 (Oct 07, 2017)

  • Breaking changes
    • rust-cargo now requires Rust 1.15 or newer [GH-1201]
    • Remove javascript-gjslint checker
  • New syntax checkers:
  • New features:
    • Add flycheck-xml-xmlstarlet-xsd-path and flycheck-xml-xmllint-xsd-path to specify an XSD schema to validate XML documents against [GH-1272]
    • Add flycheck-tslint-args to pass additional arguments to tslint [GH-1186]
    • Add an error explainer to the rpm-rpmlint checker using rpmlint -I [GH-1235]
    • Add flycheck-emacs-lisp-check-declare to check function declaration in the emacs-lisp checker [GH-1286]
    • Add flycheck-shellcheck-follow-sources to check included files when using the sh-shellcheck checker [GH-1256]
  • Improvements:
    • Use option flycheck-go-build-tags for go-test, go-vet and go-errcheck as well.
    • Add a revert function to flycheck-verify-setup, so hitting g reloads the buffer.
    • Make sure the erlang compiler is only run on compilable files.
    • flycheck-tslint does not crash any more on deprecation notices [GH-1174]
    • rust-cargo now checks integration tests, examples and benchmarks [GH-1206]
    • rust-cargo does not use flycheck-rust-library-path anymore, as dependencies are taken care of by Cargo [GH-1206]
    • c/c++-gcc checker now works from GCC 4.4 and up [GH-1226]

30 (Oct 12, 2016)

  • Breaking changes
    • Flycheck now requires flake8 3.0 or newer
    • Remove --config option in lua-luacheck in favour of luacheck‘s own .luacheckrc detection. Therefore flycheck-luacheckrc is no longer used [GH-1057]
    • :modes is now mandatory for syntax checker definitions [GH-1071]
    • Remove jade checker [GH-951] [GH-1084]
    • Remove javascript-eslintrc and instead rely on eslint’s own configuration file search [GH-1085]
    • C-c ! e explains errors now [GH-1122]
  • New syntax checkers:
  • New features:
    • Add flycheck-cargo-rustc-args to pass multiple arguments to cargo rustc subcommand [GH-1079]
    • Add :error-explainer to flycheck-define-checker and flycheck-explain-error-at-point to display explanations of errors [GH-1122]
    • Add an error explainer to the rust and rust-cargo checkers using rustc --explain [GH-1122]
    • Add :enabled property to flycheck-define-checker [GH-1089]
  • Improvements:
    • Do not use javascript-eslint if eslint cannot find a valid configuration [GH-1085]
    • Automatically disable syntax checkers which are not installed instead of checking executable before each syntax check [GH-1116]
    • Add patterns for syntax errors to scheme-chicken [GH-1123]

29 (Aug 28, 2016)

  • Breaking changes
    • Change flycheck-eslint-rulesdir (string) to flycheck-eslint-rules-directories (list of strings) [GH-1016]
    • Require rust 1.7 or newer for rust and rust-cargo [GH-1036]
  • New syntax checkers:
  • New features:
    • Add :working-directory option to flycheck-define-command-checker [GH-973] [GH-1012]
    • flycheck-go-build-install-deps turns on dependency installation for go test as well as go build [GH-1003]
  • Improvements:
    • Add default directory for haskell-stack-ghc and haskell-ghc checkers [GH-1007]
    • rust and rust-cargo checkers now support the new error format of rust 1.12 [GH-1016]
    • flycheck-verify-checker and flycheck-verify-setup now include information about configuration files of syntax checkers [GH-1021] [GH-1038]

28 (Jun 05, 2016)

  • Breaking changes:
    • Rename luacheck to lua-luacheck to comply with our naming conventions
    • Remove flycheck-cppcheck-language-standard in favour of flycheck-cppcheck-standards which is a list of standards [GH-960]
  • New features:
    • Add option to set binary name for rust-cargo [GH-958]
    • Add flycheck-cppcheck-standards to pass multiple code standards to cppcheck [GH-960]
    • Add flycheck-cppcheck-suppressions to suppress warnings for cppcheck [GH-960]
  • Improvements:
    • Check Racket syntax in Geiser Mode [GH-979]
  • Bug fixes
    • Do not signal errors when tslint reports no output [GH-981]
    • Do not generate invalid temporary filenames on Windows [GH-983]

27 (May 08, 2016)

26 (Apr 27, 2016)

Flycheck now has a Code of Conduct which defines the acceptable behaviour and the moderation guidelines for the Flycheck community. [GH-819]

Flycheck also provides a Gitter channel now for questions and discussions about development. [GH-820]

The native Texinfo manual is again replaced with a Sphinx based documentation. We hope that this change makes the manual easier to edit and to maintain and more welcoming for new contributors. The downside is that we can not longer include a Info manual in Flycheck’s MELPA packages.

From this release onward Flycheck will use a single continuously increasing version number. Breaking changes may occur at any point.

  • Breaking changes:
    • Remove flycheck-copy-messages-as-kill, obsolete since Flycheck 0.22
    • Remove flycheck-perlcritic-verbosity, obsolete since Flycheck 0.22
    • Replace flycheck-completion-system with flycheck-completing-read-function [GH-870]
    • JSON syntax checkers now require json-mode and do not check in Javascript Mode anymore
    • Prefer eslint over jshint for Javascript
    • Obsolete flycheck-info in favour of the new flycheck-manual command
  • New syntax checkers:
  • New features:
    • Add flycheck-puppet-lint-rc to customise the location of the puppetlint configuration file [GH-846]
    • Add flycheck-puppet-lint-disabled-checks to disable specific checks of puppetlint [GH-824]
    • New library flycheck-buttercup to support writing Buttercup specs for Flycheck
    • Add flycheck-perlcriticrc to set a configuration file for Perl::Critic [GH-851]
    • Add flycheck-jshint-extract-javascript to extract Javascript from HTML [GH-825]
    • Add flycheck-cppcheck-language-standard to set the language standard for cppcheck [GH-862]
    • Add flycheck-mode-line-prefix to customise the prefix of Flycheck’s mode line lighter [GH-879] [GH-880]
    • Add flycheck-go-vet-shadow to check for shadowed variables with go vet [GH-765] [GH-897]
    • Add flycheck-ghc-stack-use-nix to enable Nix support for Stack GHC [GH-913]
  • Improvements:
    • Map error IDs from flake8-pep257 to Flycheck error levels
    • Explicitly display errors at point with C-c ! h [GH-834]
    • Merge message and checker columns in the error list to remove redundant ellipsis [GH-828]
    • Indicate disabled checkers in verification buffers [GH-749]
    • Do not enable Flycheck Mode in fundamental-mode buffers [GH-883]
    • Write go test output to a temporary files [GH-887]
    • Check whether lintr is actually installed [GH-911]
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix folding of C/C++ errors from included files [GH-783]
    • Fix verification of SCSS-Lint checkstyle reporter
    • Don’t fall back to rust if rust-cargo should be used [GH-817]
    • Don’t change current buffer when closing the error message buffer [GH-648]
    • Never display error message buffer in current window [GH-822]
    • Work around a caching issue in Rubocop [GH-844]
    • Fix checkdoc failure with some Emacs Lisp syntax [GH-833] [GH-845] [GH-898]
    • Correctly parse Haskell module name with exports right after the module name [GH-848]
    • Don’t hang when sending buffers to node.js processes on Windows [GH-794][GH-850]
    • Parse suggestions from hlint [GH-874]
    • Go errcheck handles multiple $GOPATH entries correctly now [GH-580][GH-906]
    • Properly handle Go build failing in a directory with multiple packages [GH-676] [GH-904]
    • Make cppcheck recognise C++ header files [GH-909]
    • Don’t run phpcs on empty buffers [GH-907]